[Typo3] DirectMail and response-tracking

Bert Hiddink [BENDOO e-work solutions] hiddink at bendoo.com
Tue Mar 15 10:28:23 CET 2005

Hello, Rafael!

Rafael Schär [beYou media] wrote:
> Hi
> What functions really good is the linking and subscribe/unsubscribe thing.
> Linkz are counted, and you can insert a direct link to administrate the 
> clients newsletter-account (also for unsubscribe)
> there is a newsletter tracking as well but it is based on HTML mails and 
> gif postloading, which in most of the actual Email Client is disabled 
> and you don't see those mails in your statistics.
> The return of refused Email (newsletters) is not managed or imho not 
> documented.
> Take a look into the manual for more details.

Thanks for this info. Although there is not much documentation about 
this subject, I got some nice results so far. At least registration of 
"newsletter-openers" and "newsletter-links" seems to work ok.

Thanks again!


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