[Typo3] Why won't the dates show up in Mininews?

Mike Kendall typo3 at anothervision.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 10:38:10 CET 2005

Hi Mike				

Cracked it!

I found a file in the mininews ext folder called


which contained instructions for the setup field of the template like this:

plugin.tx_mininews_pi1 {
  dateFormat = %d/%m/%y
  dateTimeFormat = %d/%m/%y %H:%M
  listView {
    disableDateDisplay = 0
	HR_code = <hr size="1" noshade>
  frontPage < .listView
  frontPage.disableDateDisplay >
singleView.disableDateDisplay = 0


having added them the news now displays with the dates in the css styled <p>

Oh and I also have the line
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE =

in my set up which prevents the default styles being placed in the head of the html (I copied the mininews styles into my external css before adding this line)

While rooting around I also found an easy way of rearranging the order in which the news content is rendered... For example, I wanted the search box to come at the very bottom of the news page, after the browsing box. Look for the php files that power mininews which I found at


About line 108 you'll see a described list of content elements, re-ordering the sequence in which they appear changes the order generated by the mininews plugin.

Hoe this helps

- Mike Kendall (mikekendall)

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