[Typo3] How to show content from one page only in certain language

tadej.bregar at guest.arnes.si tadej.bregar at guest.arnes.si
Thu Mar 10 12:38:07 CET 2005

in one of the pages I've got a set of links pointing to various
internal pages and external addresses - all done as unordered list in
normal pagecontent. This set is shown in its special little frame on
the right side of my website. I've got multilingual one-tree-fits-all
website and I translated the page and page elements containing all
those links.

I've got a situation where I want to show default-language links in
default language and english links in english language. 
But with the following TypoScript code I get all Slovenian and English
links listed together whether I choose default language or english
language in the frontend.
The code:
temp.quick_links = CONTENT
temp.quick_links {
    table = tt_content 
    #select content from page-id
    select.pidInList = 532

Besides selecting pidInList I somehow have to declare to select only
page content element in ONE language in this page (page id is 532).
How to do this??? Is this possible or do I have to make
second-language links in another Page (much less elegant)?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Tadej Bregar

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