[Typo3] Why won't the dates show up in Mininews?

Mike Kendall typo3 at anothervision.co.uk
Thu Mar 10 11:54:30 CET 2005

Hi All

I'm a bit of a Typo3 virgin, but it's all been working perfectly so far.

Now the structure of the site is almost entirely in place except for one tiny niggle...

The mininews... it sorts the stories by dates... uses my external CSS... displays either teaser or archive/search with links which take you to the main story...all good


I can't get the dates that the stories were added to show up! 

all I get is:
<P class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-datetime"></P>Here's what I have in the setup:

plugin.tx_mininews_pi1._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE =
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1.listView.results_at_a_time = 5
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1.singleView.disableDateDisplay = 0
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1.listView.disableDateDisplay = 0
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1.listView.dateFormat = %m-%d-%y
plugin.tx_mininews_pi1.listView.dateTimeFormat = %m-%d-%y %H:%M

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance

m 07810 118 125
t 0117 963 1069
e mike at anothervision.co.uk

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