[Typo3] Mount as treeroot?

Arne Metzger webmaster at shjjv.de
Thu Mar 10 20:02:59 CET 2005

hi jakob!

Jakob Rohde schrieb:
> Hi Ben,
> That much i have figured out. But is it possible to hide the other pages 
> (the ones above and on the same level as the "Jakob" page in the example 
> below) for people  who uses the "jakob.mysite.dk" address?
> If I give my address ("jakob.mysite.dk") to someone, I don't 
> nescessarily want them to be able to see the rest of the site.
> On the other hand, if you use the address www.mysite.dk, you can (and 
> should) see all pages - including the "private" pages.
> So, all I need, is a way to declare a page with a Typo3 domain 
> associated as Tree Root to users who enters the site below or on this page.
> Maybe it sounds a little weird, but I find it usefull for the purposes 
> of this site.
> Jakob

it doesn't sound weird - i am looking for a solution of the same 
"problem" too.
but until now i haven't found a way to get it work like we both want ot 
to do.


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