[Typo3] Mount as treeroot?

Bart Veldhuizen bart at vrotvrot.com
Thu Mar 10 21:03:25 CET 2005

Hi Jakob,

it sounds like you should use a different 'EntryLevel' [1] for the 
menu's in the subsites:

0 - mainsite
   1 - child site 1
   1 - child site 2

Entrylevel 0 would be the main site with all the child sites and their 
pages visible. EntryLevel 1 would show only the current child site and 
its pages. Simply use an extension template for the child sites and 
overwrite the EntryLevel property - that should be all you need.




Op 10-mrt-05 om 17:39 heeft Jakob Rohde het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Ben,
> That much i have figured out. But is it possible to hide the other 
> pages (the ones above and on the same level as the "Jakob" page in the 
> example below) for people  who uses the "jakob.mysite.dk" address?
> If I give my address ("jakob.mysite.dk") to someone, I don't 
> nescessarily want them to be able to see the rest of the site.
> On the other hand, if you use the address www.mysite.dk, you can (and 
> should) see all pages - including the "private" pages.
> So, all I need, is a way to declare a page with a Typo3 domain 
> associated as Tree Root to users who enters the site below or on this 
> page.
> Maybe it sounds a little weird, but I find it usefull for the purposes 
> of this site.
> Jakob
> ben van 't ende [netcreators] wrote:
>> Jakob Rohde wrote:
>>> Hi Ben,
>>> I'll try to explain.
>>> I'm creating a website for me and my family. The pages at the top 
>>> level are common for all, but we will all have our own subsites:
>>> Root
>>> - Guestbook
>>> - etc.
>>> - Jakob
>>> - - CV
>>> - - Image Gallery
>>> - - Etc.
>>> - Brother1
>>> - Brother2
>>> I have created a subdomain for the "Jakob" page called 
>>> "jakob.mysite.dk" and this is the address I give to people I want to 
>>> visit _my_ site. When they access the site they should see the 
>>> "Jakob" page as the root page, but if they instead used 
>>> "www.mysite.dk" they would see the entire tree. But the latter is 
>>> reserved for family members.
>> Hi,
>> Yes! For the root of everything you use a domainrecord called 
>> www.mysite.dk. For your familymembers you use a domainrecord on their 
>> root like: jakob.mysite.dk.
>> Piece of cake
>> gRTZ
>> ben
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