[Typo3] Mount as treeroot?

Jakob Rohde Jakob.rohde at nal-net.dk
Thu Mar 10 17:39:02 CET 2005

Hi Ben,

That much i have figured out. But is it possible to hide the other pages 
(the ones above and on the same level as the "Jakob" page in the example 
below) for people  who uses the "jakob.mysite.dk" address?

If I give my address ("jakob.mysite.dk") to someone, I don't 
nescessarily want them to be able to see the rest of the site.

On the other hand, if you use the address www.mysite.dk, you can (and 
should) see all pages - including the "private" pages.

So, all I need, is a way to declare a page with a Typo3 domain 
associated as Tree Root to users who enters the site below or on this page.

Maybe it sounds a little weird, but I find it usefull for the purposes 
of this site.


ben van 't ende [netcreators] wrote:
> Jakob Rohde wrote:
>> Hi Ben,
>> I'll try to explain.
>> I'm creating a website for me and my family. The pages at the top 
>> level are common for all, but we will all have our own subsites:
>> Root
>> - Guestbook
>> - etc.
>> - Jakob
>> - - CV
>> - - Image Gallery
>> - - Etc.
>> - Brother1
>> - Brother2
>> I have created a subdomain for the "Jakob" page called 
>> "jakob.mysite.dk" and this is the address I give to people I want to 
>> visit _my_ site. When they access the site they should see the "Jakob" 
>> page as the root page, but if they instead used "www.mysite.dk" they 
>> would see the entire tree. But the latter is reserved for family members.
> Hi,
> Yes! For the root of everything you use a domainrecord called 
> www.mysite.dk. For your familymembers you use a domainrecord on their 
> root like: jakob.mysite.dk.
> Piece of cake
> gRTZ
> ben

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