[Typo3] Mount as treeroot?

ben van 't ende [netcreators] ben at netcreators.nl
Wed Mar 9 23:00:45 CET 2005

Jakob Rohde wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I'll try to explain.
> I'm creating a website for me and my family. The pages at the top level 
> are common for all, but we will all have our own subsites:
> Root
> - Guestbook
> - etc.
> - Jakob
> - - CV
> - - Image Gallery
> - - Etc.
> - Brother1
> - Brother2
> I have created a subdomain for the "Jakob" page called "jakob.mysite.dk" 
> and this is the address I give to people I want to visit _my_ site. When 
> they access the site they should see the "Jakob" page as the root page, 
> but if they instead used "www.mysite.dk" they would see the entire tree. 
> But the latter is reserved for family members.


Yes! For the root of everything you use a domainrecord called www.mysite.dk. For 
your familymembers you use a domainrecord on their root like: jakob.mysite.dk.

Piece of cake


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