[Typo3] Problems with realURL

Hartmut Plehn plehn at rz.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Mar 9 15:29:03 CET 2005

Heiner Lamprecht wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I fought the whole day with the realurl-extension.  I have a
> testsite, where this extension works just as it should.  So I
> wanted to use the same setup on an other site, but nothing worked.
> It's really strange. Let's say, I have a page "a" with two subpages
> "a1" and "a2".  The URLs should be "domain.tld/a/a1/" and
> "domain.tld/a/a2/".  But the result in the menu is
> "domain.tld/a/a1/" and "domain.tld/a2/".  The second does not
> contain the parent page.  I can not see any difference between
> these two pages.  And even worse:  On page "a", there is a link
> within the content, that points to page "a2", and this link is
> correct ("domain.tld/a/a2/"),
There is some kind of caching going on to keep urls available for some time
after a page has been moved or renamed. Maybe thats your problem. The time
period can be set by the TS var expireDays, see realurl documentation.
> In an other case, the URL containted a number ("domain.tld/3/")
> which I didn't understand.  It was neither the page-Id nor any
> other Id related to that page.

I found a hint somewhere that this might happen if you create a new page and
save it without having a title set.
> Could it be, that the URLs are somehow cached in a way different
> from the normal cache?
There is an additional field named tx_realurl_pathsegment in the pages
table. You can see and change the content of this field in the advanced
page view. Alternatively you can empty the whole tx_realurl_pathsegment
column to get rid of the numbers.

BTW, the order of fields that are used to build up a page path is controlled
via the TS variable segTitleFieldList. By default tx_realurl_pathsegment
has the highest priority. 

I think that it might be helpful if all the fields defined in
segTitleFieldList would be used to determine a page id for a given page

I for my part have another problem with realurl: Under certain circumstances
an "404 page not found error" happens when a page is accessed directly by
url. This happens especially when there is not a single link to that page
within the typo3 fe or when the cache has been cleared shortly before. If
you then navigate to that page using typo3 navigation links (or <LINK ...>)
the page is available via the same page path. It somehow seems as if a page
is available via a realurl page path only after the path has been
constructed from an id at least a single time.

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