[Typo3] Problems with realURL

Heiner Lamprecht heiner at heiner-lamprecht.net
Sun Mar 6 16:17:39 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I fought the whole day with the realurl-extension.  I have a 
testsite, where this extension works just as it should.  So I 
wanted to use the same setup on an other site, but nothing worked.

It's really strange. Let's say, I have a page "a" with two subpages 
"a1" and "a2".  The URLs should be "domain.tld/a/a1/" and 
"domain.tld/a/a2/".  But the result in the menu is 
"domain.tld/a/a1/" and "domain.tld/a2/".  The second does not 
contain the parent page.  I can not see any difference between 
these two pages.  And even worse:  On page "a", there is a link 
within the content, that points to page "a2", and this link is 
correct ("domain.tld/a/a2/"),

In an other case, the URL containted a number ("domain.tld/3/") 
which I didn't understand.  It was neither the page-Id nor any 
other Id related to that page.

Could it be, that the URLs are somehow cached in a way different 
from the normal cache?



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