[Typo3] TYPO3 on Windows - how is it working?

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Mon Mar 7 12:58:10 CET 2005

Hello Michael,

Some comments!

One of my customer requested to put up the Typo3 install om a Windows 2003 
server with IIS 6. Reason, some application who don't run under UNIX/LINUX 
at this moment. Apache wasn't any alternative, because some of the application 
only producing .asp pages. They are linked to from the typo3 pages. But we 
hope for new versions who are using php and MySql (they are in development). 
Main reasons for future change is cost. The applications are using Oracle 
as database, and that's not for free. The install is multisite, hosting four 
different sites today.

My experience with Windows 2003 server is very good. Installation was easy, 
only problem getting ImageMagick to work (beacuse of cmd.exe). The installation 
is stable. For a lot of people, who is competent with Windows, it's probably 
easier to install Typo3 on Windows. Expecially if they use Apache as webserver 
(no problem with cmd.exe).

My recommandation to customers are. If they want to host their website inhouse, 
and are most comfortable with Windows, use Windows. If not, use UNIX/Linux 
(ISP-services). I don't want to push customers to platforms they not feel 
competent with, and se it more important that they are using one of the best 
CMS, than making it a OS question.

Erik Svendsen

> Hi folks,
> (I'm aware that I'll might start a flamewar with this. Please stick to
> the facts when writing anny comments!)
> I am very interested about some feedbacks of TYPO3 running on Windows
> servers.
> Why are you using it? Was this your decision or was this requested by
> someone else (boss, customer)?
> Where are you using it? Do you use the Windows server only for testing
> purposes or do you also use it for production?
> What webserver are you using? IIS, Apache, ...? Did you compare
> between those server components?
> And finally, how is it working? Are you happy with that server
> environment, would you recommend it, or did you give up in order to
> switch to a Unix system?
> Maybe have a look at the newly set up Wiki page and feel free to
> extend it
> with useful details:
> http://wiki.typo3.org/index.php/Operating_System
> Thanks for your comments!
> Regards, michael
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> typo3.english only!)

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