[Typo3] Staging for TYPO3

Colin Ross colinross at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 00:14:24 CET 2005

working with TYPO3 at an enterprise level, we aren't trying to fake a
staging process, but i like your hide/preview ideas...

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:05:14 -0600, Mark Gillingham
<markgill at greatbooks.org> wrote:
> Colin Ross wrote:
> > What is the status on this? I want to utilize TYPO3, but I want to
> > feel confident in a staging/production environment. Looked high and
> > low, and nothing about HOW to do this.... ANY IDEAS would be great...
> > colin
> >
> I've found that I can "stage" in two ways without having a stage server.
> The first way is to hide content elements that are being worked on and
> view them using the Preview of the Admin Panel. This doesn't work for
> some content as you might expect. The second way is to create content in
> a separate hidden area (like a storage folder). As part of workflow,
> this could be done automatically--content is
> created->reviewed->published. At the publishing stage the content is
> moved into place. There are problems with this method too. It's not easy
> to see the new content in context without actually placing it where it
> belongs and Showing it.
> I'm also curious about where T3 is going with staging.
> Mark
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