[Typo3] Staging for TYPO3

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Mar 1 09:58:09 CET 2005

Colin Ross wrote:
> working with TYPO3 at an enterprise level, we aren't trying to fake a
> staging process, but i like your hide/preview ideas...

I don't know how this is "enterprise level" related, but TYPO3 does not 
fake staging. With the built-in mechanism, you publish real static html 
pages. The only problem is that it sucks and scales, um, not at all 
because you have to publish every single page, or at most 1 sublevel 
IIRC. So you cannot publish the whole pagetree at once.

The solutions and workarounds have been discussed here a dozen times, 
httrack/wget works fine if you want real static pages. If your idea of 
staging is workflow related, than the good news is, it's being worked on 
right now, the bad news, no release date yet.


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