[Typo3] Staging for TYPO3

Mark Gillingham markgill at greatbooks.org
Tue Mar 1 00:05:14 CET 2005

Colin Ross wrote:
> What is the status on this? I want to utilize TYPO3, but I want to
> feel confident in a staging/production environment. Looked high and
> low, and nothing about HOW to do this.... ANY IDEAS would be great...
> colin

I've found that I can "stage" in two ways without having a stage server. 
The first way is to hide content elements that are being worked on and 
view them using the Preview of the Admin Panel. This doesn't work for 
some content as you might expect. The second way is to create content in 
a separate hidden area (like a storage folder). As part of workflow, 
this could be done automatically--content is 
created->reviewed->published. At the publishing stage the content is 
moved into place. There are problems with this method too. It's not easy 
to see the new content in context without actually placing it where it 
belongs and Showing it.

I'm also curious about where T3 is going with staging.


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