[Typo3] htmlarea doesn't save span tags correctly - transformation problem?

Carla Froitzheim cf at cf-webservice.de
Thu Jun 30 11:22:25 CEST 2005

> <span class="myclass"><p>text</p></span>
> This may not be the best html but I is ok for me. But if I save the form
> and look then again in the html code it creates something like that:
> <p><span class="myclass"></span><p>text</p></p>

<span> is used to span a part of a <p> only:

<p>I am a <span class="small">little sentence</span>.</p> If you mark only
a part within in your <p> and assign the span class it should be shown

> So the class has no longer effect to the text. How can I change that? Or
> is there a possibility to include the class attribute into the p tag?
> like that:
> <p class="myclass">text</p>

Yes. css-file: p.myclass { whatever }

This shows up in the drop-down box "paragraph" and you assign it by
putting the cursor somewhere within the paragraph that should use it and
select it from the drop-down box.


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