[Typo3] COA_INT + Plugin = no FE-rendering

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Sat Jun 25 00:58:16 CEST 2005


> Well if it is top secret, I am sure there is some bucks left for
> sponsoring somebody or assoc trying to help you on this. ;)

Well, it's no commercial work - so there is no budget. It's a project for  
a community I'm a member of which only 4 people of the community know that  
it exists. In that way it is "top secret". On the other hand it is secret  
because of the kind of community we try to build up.

> -----------------
> First thing:
> -----------------
> Why do you need a COA_INT here? I haven't ever been working with
> *nested* [COA|USER]_INT elements afair.

I don't care about if the extension itself gets cached or not - in that  
case it would be nonsense. The reason why I need (or think that I need) a  
INT-Object is, that the ammount of the elements in the sidecolumns should  
not get cached, so that all pages automatically show new global added or  
removed content-items. And that was the only way I knew to do this.  
Clearing all cache would also do it at the beginning, but unless the  
information provided and used by the visitors should increase to a larger  
ammount than on typo.org I think it is better not to have to clear all  
cache and simply make the side-columns INT-objects.

> Why would you need a COA_INT in that scenario you mentioned above? the
> plugins themeselves take care of being USER_INT or just USER. So it
> would be quite sufficient to turn temp.menu into a COA. If parts of that
> COA are USER_INT they wont be cached.

I know, but that is not the point, see above.

> -----------------
> Second thing:
> -----------------
> I believe for some reason there is just some small piece of TS missing
> at the appropriate place. Can't exactly tell where and what goes wrong
> ...
> into TS:includeLibs).
> This in turn calls t3lib_extMgm::addTypoScript.....

ok, I think I got it so far.

> ----------------
> to test
> ----------------
> just add some line of typoscript to check if there's in relation to the
> t3lib_extMgm:: API as mentioned above.
> includeLibs.tx_foo = EXT:foo/pi/class.tx_foo.php
> plugin.tx_foo_pi1 = USER_INT
> plugin.tx_foo_pi1 {
>    userFunc = tx_foo_pi1->main
> }
> tt_content.list.20.foo_pi1 = < plugin.tx_foo_pi1
> That's it for now. ;)
> I am still in no way convinced that this is truely the problem!
> Now, digging into some further tests I found one thing about the config
> you are using(well since i couldn't get a logging, I just hacked the
> server now ;) )

don't care - this is not the "top secret" project - just another project I  
want to do some time, so feel free (well, not to free ;) unless there is a  
real site also in the pagetree).

> Try this, change
> 'page.20.subparts.CONTENT.10'  manually into a USER-object and closely
> watch the Typoscript-Debugger!
> Voila: Class not found. ;)
> That means you just need to rearrange your TS-Setup(copying aroud with
> the TS-Objects) or somehow make sure that the class is included!

Well, no clue how to do that, but I'm having a look and try around. Thanks  
so far.

Greetz, Franz

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