[Typo3] Something about directmail, dmailerping and enhanced HTML cleaner in Typo v 3.8

Norbert Desautels ndesautels at gdgsystems.com
Sun Jun 26 02:40:41 CEST 2005

Hello List,

Something you might want to know. Maybe it was already said but...

The new version of "Enhance HTML cleaner" under Typo 3.8 will remove (when 
all option activated) the 'dmailerping' attributes from the 'img src' link 
use to track opened html emails in the direct mail extension. Opened email 
becomes untrackable.
The obvious solution is to remove the html cleaner extension or to choose 
the proper option for it - didn't do any test here, I don't really need the 
cleaner. Let me/us know if the option to adjust is obvious.


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