[Typo3] templavoila sub template

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Tue Jun 21 13:34:46 CEST 2005

> Page 28 of FTB pdf:
> "Modify the DS by "re-creating" the DS/TO we made earlier"
> I don't know what YOU do when you "re-create" a DS/TO (Pherhaps you go 
> to the file-list module
> and click on the File again and select TV - if you do that you didn't 
> read FTB good enough
> because two lines later is written:)
> "So, click the Icon of the TO record, select TemplaVoila and then click 
> the button "Modify DS/TO"

I went to the view, where I have the possibility to edit mapping.
When I clicked "Modify DS/TO" I got the field to add new fields.

Sorry I read the upper'CREATE Data Structure / Template Object:',
which makes a new record
and I didn't used
'UPDATE existing Data Structure / Template Object:'

> This is your personal result of this discussion ... Many people will 
> tend to use a solution like: kb_tv_cont_slide

I didn't understood that extension yet - maybe it is better

>> Disadvantages of TV:

>> 2) If you need to change the template, you must ALWAYS make two 
>> changes (change first DS and then TO) - using MTB in most case one 
>> change is enough.

> Wrong.
> This is most of the time done in one step.

In my case not - in my templates normally there is need to change the DS 
in order to get more or less fields. But this depends on authors.If you 
change DS you must first save the change in order to change TO. Not so 
easy than using MTB anyway.

>> 4) Moving content elements to other pages - if you move them to other 
>> pages they are not automatic available in other page - they goes first 
>> to unused elements, where they must take in use.

> Wrong.
> Use copy&paste or references.
I mean in the case, where you use the MENU, where I can get the WIZARD 
for moving content from one page to another page.
In *this* situation the moved element goes first to unused elements.
But of cource I can use other methods.

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