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Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Tue Jun 21 13:06:00 CEST 2005

tapio wrote:

> Well the documentation tells about adding new field. When I tryed to add 
> new field i must make NEW DS? Using the newest TV I must DIRECTLY edit 
> the DS-record. This might not be the purpose?

Page 28 of FTB pdf:

"Modify the DS by "re-creating" the DS/TO we made earlier"

I don't know what YOU do when you "re-create" a DS/TO (Pherhaps you go to the file-list module
and click on the File again and select TV - if you do that you didn't read FTB good enough
because two lines later is written:)

"So, click the Icon of the TO record, select TemplaVoila and then click the button "Modify DS/TO""

And if you follow these instructions: Go to the Sysfolder where your DS/TO are stored and do
as described than you will be able do "EDIT" your previously defined DS/TO ....

> I hae some other notesw, which concerns shared contents. Using MTB you 
> can create shared content using the principles explained in HTML CSS 
> Styling plugin. To use reasonable way shared content in my mind it is 
> necessary to mix principles of MTB and TV.
> Read more from the topics 'Other colpos value than '0' using TemplaVoila'

This is your personal result of this discussion ... Many people will tend to use
a solution like: kb_tv_cont_slide

> Disadvantages of TV:
> 1) No as good solution for shared contents as in MTB - the difference is 
> however small. When you use MTB  and select for example
> the column 'LEFT' and you edit the content element, Typo3 puts the value 
> to the SELECT-menu automatic
> as '1'.
> But if you use TV Typo3 put always the value automatic as '0' and the
> user must always change it if he want different value.
> NOT very difficult for the user - needs just a little intstruction to 
> change the value.

But on the other hand in MTB the selecte Main/Sub template gets stupidly inherited to
the sub-pages ... in TV you can control this (Setting the Sub-Page DS/TO templates)

> 2) If you need to change the template, you must ALWAYS make two changes 
> (change first DS and then TO) - using MTB in most case one change is 
> enough.

This is most of the time done in one step.

> 4) Moving content elements to other pages - if you move them to other 
> pages they are not automatic available in other page - they goes first 
> to unused elements, where they must take in use.

Use copy&paste or references.

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