AW: [Typo3] My RealURL crisis

Dieter Mayer dieter_mayer at
Fri Jun 17 14:28:05 CEST 2005

Hi Hartmut,
> I have exactly the same problem and reported it already 
> several times without getting any helpful answers (see 
> -archive/thread/110113122/).
> It's especially harmful for pages that have no link in typo3 
> pointing to them at all (yes, I need typo3 pages that are 
> only reached via redirects and not via a direct link).
> Anyway, I found that setting 'enableUrlDecodeCache' => 0 (in 
> init) and 'firstHitPathCache' => 1 (in pagePath) can be used 
> as a workaround.
> (Although I am not really happy about the performance 
> decrease that might happen because of the DecodeCache being disabled.)

Wonderful idea, I'll give it a try.
What do you mean with performance decrease, how many 'feeled' percent do you


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