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Jane Larsen noesgard at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 13:44:05 CEST 2005

I DID tell you to use your real name, in this reply to you question (on june 
Hi "who ever you might be" (please use your full name on the list as stated 
in the guidelines for this mailing list)

 You are not very specific as to exactly where in the MTB you start getting 
into trouble? Could you provide some more specific information there....

 As to minute website and MTB: I dont think the templates are the same and 
don't mix those if you are having problems.

 I have gone through the MTB1 without too much trouble so if you could tell 
me (and the others) where your solutions starts to differ from the tutorial 
it would be much easier to help...
//Jane Larsen

You seem to react rather strongly to the fact that people on the list would 
like to know who they are talking to, whats the matter with that? Do you 
like to talk to "John Does"? By being on this list you have accepted the 
guidelines, don't be angry with people just for refreshing your memory on 

Concerning information/tutorials on Typo3: There are thousands of pages 
describing how to use Typo3 and you are right as far as it can be a little 
difficult to find one specific information among all this information. 
Surely some of it could use improvement, but if you would like things to 
change then offer your help or be specific in your problem description. 
Sayin you read it all 150 times, does not help just states that you seem to 
have wasted a lot of time since you haven't gotten any further.

Regarding the MBT/1: Have you been looking at the video? There are many 
useful videos in other cases too...

Regarding quality of language: Well, you have taken on using an open source 
CMS developed by somene who is NOT native english.Most people contributing 
to Typo3 use their sparetime improving on it and they do a fine job. Maybe 
writing english is not what they do best - so what! Would it be better if 
everything was written in Kaspers native language only (Danish)? I like the 
fact that more people can interact at exchance knowledge using english but I 
don't go nuts on the writers if the grammar or spelling is somewhat rusty. 

And finally: If you're brand new to Typo3, play around with some of the 
static templates to get the hang of it! Figure out how markers and various 
bits and pieces interact. 

I hope you can get over the beginning difficulties in Typo3 because I findt 
it is a very powerful and useful tool but that also means that it requires 
time, effort and some research to get up and running.

//Jane Larsen

NB You still haven't provide specific info on where your problem starts in 
the MTB/1 so I can't provide any help for you - bu maybe you dont want that 
since you don't follow up on it...

On 6/4/05, or ko <orko3001 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Right...
> 1 Who said use your real name and surname. I didn't see that post. And
> anyway, incase what happens? It doesn't matter what name I use you will 
> not
> find out if it is real or not. How about if I use John Smith? Is that ok. 
> Is
> that my real name or not. Can you tell? It might be you know... Or it 
> might
> not. Like I said "Incase what happens?".
> 2 How else am I supposed to take that. You do not get to patronise me. I
> have been working hard and spending a hell of a lot of time on this and 
> yes
> it hads been driving me nuts and yes I have got frustrated. But actually
> part of this frustration has been caused by not incorrect information but
> missing information.
> Am I supposed to just know this stuff? If I don't automatically know this
> stuff is there something wrong with me. I made some important and valid
> criticisms and they should be listened to. There is a really bad attitude 
> on
> the internet that the only way you can produce or submit anything is by
> having a Phd in everything to do with computers. And that just puts so 
> many
> off that have so much to offer. This is why I like typo3 - if I can
> understand it and get it to work I can help other poeple to access the
> internet more easily and creativly and they won't have to have a Phd in
> anything.
> BUT I need the information. And some of it isn't there or easy to find. I 
> am
> having trouble finding out how to get the log in forms to work. I am also
> having problems getting the guestbook to work. I know how to add new 
> content
> and I know how to create users and usergroups but I can't get it to work. 
> I
> have looked through and read extensivly many tutorials and I cannot find 
> out
> what I am doing wrong. I have just installed the Minute Website and they
> still don't work which I think means that I am not doing anything wrong I
> just haven't been told what to do.
> If you look at http://typo3.org/documentation/articles/minute-website/ you
> would think it was easy but there are many things wrong with this. For
> example this doesn't make any sence:
> 3. Grab the HTML template and dip it into the fileadmin/templates/ folder
> Like I said in a previous post - what HTML file? It's the one from Modern
> template building and anyway you need the res and image folder aswell.
> Doesn't say that though...
> And then just gloss over all the server error problems that came up. If
> anyone went to that page they would think it was p*** easy to do this. 
> Who's
> fault is that?
> I am so willing to put in the hard graft to understand this but the
> information has to be there for me to learn it. This is something that 
> needs
> to be addressed.
> 3 Don't take this the wrong way but I looked at your website and your
> English is crap. Either try harder or give up. :p
> >
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> >
> >As someone said - use your real name and surname.
> >
> >Second - don't take it the wrong way if I say that you won't get very far
> >with this attitude.
> >
> >TYPO3 isn't some phpNukeoid intended for 'look Mom, my first dynamic 
> site,
> >boys at school will go mad' - it takes a lot of work, trying and 
> especially
> >reading the documentation to even begin understanding it. It is extremely
> >powerful, but takes at least a few months to get used to it.
> >
> >So if you expected something you will be using in a day - won't happen.
> >
> >Tutorials can be confusing at the beginning, the farther you go the 
> better
> >it all becomes.
> >
> >So, to be honest with you - you have two possibilities. Either put A LOT 
> of
> >time, work and reading to get used to it, or move on.
> >
> >
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