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Boris Senker typo3 at dvotocka.hr
Sat Jun 4 21:23:53 CEST 2005

"or ko" <orko3001 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Right...

> 2 How else am I supposed to take that. You do not get to patronise me. I 
> have been working hard and spending a hell of a lot of time on this and 
> yes it hads been driving me nuts and yes I have got frustrated. But 
> actually part of this frustration has been caused by not incorrect 
> information but missing information.

Nobody patronises you, I am sorry if you are not capable of perceiving this
the right way. I have spent 3-4 months fighting with this huge, extremely 
powerful system
until I have learned enough to actually be able to use it. Just like every 
TYPO3 user did at

> 3 Don't take this the wrong way but I looked at your website and your 
> English is crap. Either try harder or give up. :p

With such communication skills and attitude problems, you will hardly make
friends and colleagues here, behaving childishly and rude as you currently 
Try overcoming your anger and such behavioral problems, and try 
communicating with this community in a civilized manner.
It will pay off. 

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