[Typo3] gifbuilder - generating mask with gifbuilder

Oliver Schröder typo3 at schroederbros.de
Thu Jul 14 17:37:15 CEST 2005

hi list,

i'm generating an image using this code:

temp.img = IMAGE
temp.img.file = GIFBUILDER
temp.img.file {
   XY = 100,90
   10 = IMAGE
   10.file = image.bmp
   20 = IMAGE
   20.file = red.gif
   20.mask = dot.gif

red.gif is plain red (same size as image.bmp). so the created image 
shows image.bmp plus a red dot (using dot.gif as a mask for red.gif) - 
no problem so far.

now i want to move the mask (to move the red dot). i tried to replace 
the line "20.mask = dot.gif" with

   20.mask = GIFBUILDER
   20.mask.file {
     XY = 100,90
     10 = IMAGE
     10.file = dot.gif
     10.offset = 20,20

but the generated image shows image.bmp in the upper part and red.gif in 
the lower part.

what am i doing wrong?


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