[Typo3] Sitetitle | Searchfunction

Sven Osterwalder sven.osterwalder at infoklick.ch
Thu Jul 14 17:03:42 CEST 2005

Hi list

is it possible to change the sitetitle (<title>) within TS with the language? Something like this:

[globalVar = GP:L =0]
    page.config.x = Seite
[globalVar = GP:L =1]
    page.config.x = Site
Where X is the variable for setting the sitetitle.

Then I have another question. I'm trying to make an indexed search. I've included the extension and it's working (ok, the site's not getting indexed). Is it possible to output the search within a mark on site, which is not shown in the menu?
For example I'd like to show the results on the page "search" which doesn't get shown in the menu. On this site the searchresult shall be output at ###CONTENT###.
Is something like this possible, if yes, how?

Thank you and with kind regards Sven Osterwalder

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