[Typo3] RTL jk_poll

Johannes Krausmüller johannes at schosemail.de
Mon Jul 4 19:19:10 CEST 2005

> TNX for your reply,
> 1.But I changed language in poll plug-in but it does
> not work. should I do some changes in my setup or not?

Which language do you like to use? You have to use something like
"config.language = language_of_your_choice" in your template.
But the labels for this language have to be translated. If you send me
the translations I`ll add them to the extension. Just find the
equivalents to the following:

'wrong_captcha' => 'Your vote was not registered. You must insert the
right captcha.',
'error_no_vote_selected' => 'Your must select one of the answers.',
'no_poll_found' => 'No poll records found on this page. Please put a
poll record on this page or point to a page in the field \'startingpoint\'',
'votes_total' => 'votes total',
'submit_button' => 'Submit',
'has_voted' => 'Only one vote allowed per person.',
'error_no_vote' => 'Your vote was not registered. You must enable
cookies in your browser to vote.',

> 2. Yes, but I can not change ext source code because I
> have the eng version of site too,
> Is there any way to apply this changes only to RTL
> verson of my site

I don't know how it works to handle more than one language in typo3. But
if it helps, I could add an option for choosing the direction to the

By the way, I'm interested in the URL for which you use my extension
(would really like to see it in action). If you like, you can send me
the link to my private email.

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