[TYPO3] feuser registration und direct mail

Elmar Hinz elmar.DOT.hinz at team.MINUS.red.DOT.net
Sat Dec 31 16:16:13 CET 2005

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Marlene schrieb:
> in other words: the whole dmail connection of sr_feuser_register still
> does not work? To find a solution I'll have to this:

No I didn't say that. I don't know. The created fields indicate it could
work. I can't tell you how. I didn't try it.

Regular extensions would expect addresses rather in tt_address than in
fe_user. fe_user is origianally for storing a username and password. But
dmail is maybe flexible enough to query other tables. Maybe.

> 1. delete the fields module_sys_dmail_html, module_sys_dmail_category
> from setup code of the plugin


> 2. place the dmail subscription extension instead on the same page where
> the sr_feuser_register fe part is shown

I think dmail subscription extension is a more secure way to get it
running. It is build for subscriptions of dmail. :-)

You should at least plan enough time to configure and test dmail. It is
mighty and mighty extensions can cause a lot of probs.

> Is that true?
> thanx for that really really quick answer...
> Marlene



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