[TYPO3] website language record creation problem

el Forestero elforestero at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 19:59:35 CET 2005

When trying to create different website language
records for two forms of Chinese, simplified and
traditional, I run into a problem: In the Typo3
backend in the website language record
creation/editing form in the section "Select Official
Language (ISO code)," there is only an option to pick
"Chinese" and no option to pick simplified or
traditional Chinese. Likewise, in the section "Select
flag icon," there is only a mainland Chinese flag
which would represent where simplified Chinese is
used, and there are no flags for either Hong Kong or
Taiwan where (among numerous places) traditional
Chinese is used. Since traditional and simplified
Chinese are for all practical purposes two different
written languages, it is very important to be able to
make the distinction between the two in the setup of
my Typo3 website. In the case of my website I need to
be able to create a multilanguage site with separate
versions of each page in simplified and traditional
Chinese. Can anyone suggest a way to workaround this
apparent limitation of Typo3?


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