[TYPO3] How to get rid of wrapping DIV when integrating an extension

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Dec 28 10:02:00 CET 2005

>>What should I do?
>>Should I hack the CSS styles and html template? Is there a better way to
>>do this?

Of cource you can alter the HTML-template for it but the container div 
is not defined in the HMTL-template. IMO container div tags are useful.

Edit ext_typoscript_editorcfg.txt if you really wanto to get rid of the
container div - you can also rename the class.

because the config is not in setup.txt I might not be able to
define in a TS Template (AFAIK all in constant.txt and setup.txt
can redefine in TS Templates, but I don't know, if this concerns
' ext_typoscript_editorcfg.txt' - maybe on maybe not it can be
redefined in the setup-field of some TS Template.

> Just do nothing. As I understood you do not want any specific styling
> for this DIV. Just leave it as is, unstyled.
> Dmitry.

Agreed. An additional DIV doesn't harm anything.

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