[Typo3] replicate content in multi-domain site

Loek Hilgersom hilgersom at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 19 15:48:02 CET 2005

I already found a way around it, albeit slightly less elegant than what I 
wanted: although Typo3 won't let me refer to a page outside the pagetree for 
that domain, it does allow me to insert records from outside that tree. So I 
solved this question by inserting the 2 records of which this contact page 
exists into the contact page on each site.

It does the trick. Suggestions for more elegant solutions are still welcome.


Loek Hilgersom wrote:
> I'm setting up a site which consists of several small websites, each of 
> which has their own domain. Each small site has its own content, except 
> for a few pages like Contact. (So that a change on the contact page 
> would immediately affect all sites)
> The domains point at different sub-trees, but Typo3 won't let me refer a 
> page (type Advanced, show content of different page) to a page outside 
> that tree (because of the domain record). I also tried to place that 
> page in the repository, but still it is not shown.
> Suggestions how to solve this?
> Loek

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