[Typo3] replicate content in multi-domain site

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 19 18:22:33 CET 2005

Ironically I need to accomplish the same thing as what you wrote about 
origianlly... but on a inverse scale.

I will have +100 pages across mulitle domains (10) on differing 
branches, that are all the same but need to be maintained from one 
master tree.  There will be a few bespoke pages for each domain but for 
the majority they will need to be referenced from a centrally maintained 
source tree.

I obviously dont want to use the insert records for a thousand pages, so 
I would like to use the type Advanced, show content of different page, 
but I need to knwo if there is a way around the domain issue?

Any help would be appreciated, and as I'm just starting to look at this 
I jusat need a  point in the right direction.

But then the question becomes if I have a text content item on my master 
tree (domain A), and I COULD reference that content using the "show 
content from a different page" on to a different tree (domain B) would 
the search function on domain B then work with, and index the 
information referenced from domain A?

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