[Typo3] newsletter subscription, mail is not sent

Brian Bendtsen brb at mentor-it.dk
Fri Dec 16 13:41:24 CET 2005

Peter Klein wrote:
> Ok. When you signup for the newsletter, do the system create a tt_address 
> (or fe_user) account on your system?
> Should be located in the folder you specified for storing newsletter 
> addresses..
> What extension do you use for collecting the email addresses? 
> plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription?
> If you use plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription then you need to configure email 
> and emailName for sending out the verification emails..
> More info on configuring "plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription" can be found 
> here:
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsref/fe_adminLib_inc/
Im pretty sure nothing happens and im not talking about the direct mail 
extension but the da_newsletter_subscription.

Im thinking about joing the two extensions, since the direct mail didnt 
handle categories very well, it looked to me as you have to enter the 
categories directly in the template-file. Not very usefull for normal users.

By the way, is there some other "get started with the direct mail 
extension"-documentation, than the tutorial extension. Its way too 
superficial and not really suited first timers.


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