[Typo3] Can somebody PLEASE show me how to get a searchbox

Dirk Völlger dirkounet at thebiketour.net
Fri Dec 9 12:17:39 CET 2005

Hello Dimitry,

did not want to start a huge discussion about that. I completely
understand your arguments. I use many mailinglists, and often I am really
enerved about certain postings without any content, just questions and so
on. Before I ask a list, I really search. I had and have this
indexed_search problem too, have not asked yet on the list cause I am
working on it first. Accidently I saw that post of the guy looking for
help and as I was really enraged cause of frequent problems I have right
now with this indexed_search stuff I exagerated with my answer to your :
"Why you do not use google"-Post. Hope, you understand. Normally, I do not
answer posts like that, cause they are starting the discussion we are
having right now (again and again...)

Anyway, hope we understood each other and hope the climate on the lists
becomes constructive again.

thx and sorry


> Hi!
> Dirk Völlger wrote:
>> My question to you, Dimitry: Why do you use mailinglists, if you
>> have google?
> I usually use them to answer questions (rarely ask myself). I think many
> questions in this list (at least 40%) appear because people simply do
> not read documentation, do not search for information or do not want to
> follow tutorials. I admit they can be in a harry but in in those
> situation they are likely to find information faster than they get
> answer in the list.
> You know, if you find answer yourself it is much better than if one
> tells you. Why? This is simple: you have to read a lot while you are
> searching. This information stays in your mind, hidden until yuo need
> it. If you search a lot, you are getting stronger and stronger in that
> area. This is your free bonus point :)
> I just wanted to encourage you to look for this information yourself
> because it is available in this list. I can also give a hint to search
> (again, search!) extension repository using the term "search box".
> Dmitry.

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