[Typo3] Changing Layout for indexed_search ?

Torsten Schrade schrade at lineara.de
Fri Dec 9 07:59:11 CET 2005

Tom Walter schrieb:

> And now for me (German DAU): How do I create a t3x-File ? I already made 
> a tar.gz of just the indexSearch-Extension. Could not find the answer in 
> google - seems to be too much t3x and gzip and create ...
> One option would be to upload it via scp to my server - and unpack it 
> there - but would be nicer if I could create the t3x-file locally and 
> upload it via the extension manager ...
> Tom

Hi Tom,

you can do that in the extension manager right away ... ;) Just put the 
cvs version of indexed search into a lokal typo3 installation of yours, 
go to the extension manager and check out the little disc symbols 
("download" as t3x) in the overview screen.


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