[Typo3] Multilingual problem

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Sun Dec 4 15:53:19 CET 2005


Finally i managed to get working the basic multilingual functionality.

Now it is working:
- http://my.site.com/index.php?L=0
- http://my.site.com/index.php?L=1

I still have some questions:
- How can I set the default language options? I mean - I would like to set 
the default language to be my language (Slovene) and alternate language to 
be english (this is displayed correctly).

- Where should I look into to add a language select bar on my site?

- How can I set the encoding for the site? Is it possible to use different 
encodings for each langauge?

Thanks again and best regards,

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