[Typo3] levelmedia with text file

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Sat Dec 3 19:38:19 CET 2005

Jochen Rieger wrote:

Hi Jochen,

and thanks for the response to my question.

>> I'm trying to include a small bit of text on pages, dependent on the 
>> branch of the site that they are located in. We are already doing this 
>> with logos for different area, but I'm having trouble getting a text 
>> version to work.
> is there an obligation for you to do it via file upload? Otherwise I 
> would do it with constants in EXT TS templates.

User-friendliness and manageability were two of the main reasons. I'm 
the only person who 'speaks' some typoscript, and I want (ideally)  to 
avoid more extension templates.

> In case you don't like to create further TS templates you could also 
> solve it via conditions in the root template. Just tell me if you need 
> advice there.

I'm curious about this. How would that work? Somehow use the pid of the 
branch head?

> The levelmedia thing somehow I just know for images.

Yes, searching postings shows many instances of the popular 
image-per-branch technique, but I'm sure that I read a comment somewhere 
about 'images or other media', and the 'Files:' media upload thingy does 
list TXT as a possible filetype. So ..



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