[Typo3] levelmedia with text file

Jochen Rieger j.rieger at connecta.ag
Sat Dec 3 11:30:06 CET 2005

Hi Sean,

> I'm trying to include a small bit of text on pages, dependent on the 
> branch of the site that they are located in. We are already doing this 
> with logos for different area, but I'm having trouble getting a text 
> version to work.

is there an obligation for you to do it via file upload? Otherwise I 
would do it with constants in EXT TS templates.

You define your marker in the root SETUP like this:

myMarker = TEXT
myMarker.value = {$myTextForEveryPage}

And in the CONSTANTS you just put:

myTextForEveryPage = Hello branch!

And then ... anywhere you want to have a different output you create an 
EXT template overwriting the constant.

In case you don't like to create further TS templates you could also 
solve it via conditions in the root template. Just tell me if you need 
advice there.

The levelmedia thing somehow I just know for images.


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