[Typo3] levelmedia with text file

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Fri Dec 2 20:15:20 CET 2005


I'm trying to include a small bit of text on pages, dependent on the 
branch of the site that they are located in. We are already doing this 
with logos for different area, but I'm having trouble getting a text 
version to work.

This is my typoscript below. What it does is to pop in the value from 
the default fileadmin/template/main/res/blurb1.txt, but it doesn't grab 
the file that I've uploaded.

I'm using import.listNum = 1 because there is an image in the media 
field already.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

# per section blurb
temp.blurb = FILE
temp.blurb {
	file = fileadmin/template/main/res/blurb1.txt
	file {
		import = uploads/media/
		import.data = levelmedia: 1, "slide"
		import.listNum = 1
		import.override.field = media
# end of per section blurb

# and later

subparts.blurb < temp.blurb


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