[Typo3] Creating content with typoscript

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Fri Dec 2 09:58:29 CET 2005


Papis wrote:
>   My question is i want to insert a new content (like text or text with  
> picture....) in each new page by default.Like an INSERT (where you fill  
> the textbody,the header,...) statement!
>   it is possible in typoscript?

There is no need tp post the same message twice...

TypoScript is not "action" language, it is configuration language. Thus
you can define what you see on the page but you cannot define what will
be inserted when page is created. There are no event handlers in TypoScript.

If your content is static and you simply need to repeat it on many
pages, you need to create it on a hidden page and "select" it to other
pages using TypoScript you wrote in your post.

If you truly need to insert unique content to pages, you will need a
custom extension that hooks to TCEmain and inserts content when records
are created in "pages" table. I am not sure how to write it (never did
this) but it is certanly possible.


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