[Typo3] "Page is being generated" Message.

Junior astro at astrodesign.com.br
Thu Dec 1 19:48:18 CET 2005

Hi all, the problem has solved.

Admin restarted apache and all  become Ok now.

I am going to take some beers this night and refresh my head.

Thanks guys

J u n i o r - ASTRO DESIGN
(31) 3450-1677

astro at astrodesign.com.br
MSN: juniormac at brfree.com.br
Skype: juniorastro

> Junior,
> 1) check if caching is enabled on your site
> 2) Check if you have any 'slow' extentions enabled (extentions that
> disable caching at all, or are slow due to the amouth of work it needs
> to do)
> 3) what HW are you running on?
> 4) Use eaccelerator or simular tools
> 5) Enable query caching on mysql
> cheers,
> Ries
>> Hi all
>> I have the problem that the message "Page is being generated" comes
>> up many times when access my sites.
>> And the pages does not appear, i try to reload and nothing happens.
>> Any body here would know what happens.
>> What i do to solve this problem?
>> Look:
>> http://www.bodyart.com.br
>> http://www.jornalclarear.com.br
>> Thanks for any help.

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