[Typo3] "Page is being generated" Message.

Junior astro at astrodesign.com.br
Thu Dec 1 16:43:08 CET 2005

Hi Ries, sorry but i newbee inTYPO3, its answers generates more  

> 1) check if caching is enabled on your site
Where i do that

> 2) Check if you have any 'slow' extentions enabled (extentions that
> disable caching at all, or are slow due to the amouth of work it needs
> to do)
I will try to find this

> 3) what HW are you running on?
I don't now what this means

> 4) Use eaccelerator or simular tools
I don't now what this means

> 5) Enable query caching on mysql
I can do that or is this for my Host provider?


My clients wants to kill me : (

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