[TYPO3-UG Italy] Traduzione dei records: bug o svista?!?

Alessandro Tuveri at at uniud.it
Thu Jun 15 17:14:13 CEST 2006

Ecco la risposta di Stanislas Rolland (autore di numerose estensoni),  
mi pare chiara, vedro' come ha risolto in quella segnalata:

Hi Alessandro,

I am not sure I understand well the problem.

Perhaps I ran into a similar problem in Direct Mail extension, where  
categories may be
assigned to content elements. I wanted the categories to be presented  
in the language of
the BE user. I defined tt_content in TCA so that only the parent  
(default language)
content element may have a category assigned. I had to develop a hook  
to present the
categories in the language of the BE user. You may have a look at  
direct_mail extension
if you think this could be relevant to your case.

Otherwise, I suggest you try the TYPO3 dev-list.

Best regards,


SEMEL (SErvizio di Messaging ELettronico) - CSIT -Universita' di Udine

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