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Mon Jan 9 20:20:52 CET 2006


have you already heard of the TYPO3 SWOT analysis? More than 100 people 
participated in round two of the study already, but more than a half of 
the participants are from Germany. To get a more representative and 
international result, I would like to ask you as a member of the Italian 
user group to participate:


More information about the study / SWOT analysis:
Approximately 64 SWOT opinions were gathered in round 1, and I would like 
to ask you to get involved and vote for the SWOT opinions you consider to 
be the most crucial to TYPO3. The opinions with the most votes will become 
part of the final TYPO3 SWOT Analysis. Anyone interested in TYPO3 is 
invited to participate in the 2nd round.

The study is divided into two rounds:

(1) Identifying SWOT opportunities with the TYPO3 Community by giving 
participants the opportunity to submit opinions concerning the strengths, 
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to TYPO3.
(2) Providing the TYPO3 community with the opportunity to vote on the SWOT 
opportunities they consider the most important. The SWOT opinions with the 
highest acceptance will become part of the final TYPO3 SWOT Analysis.

This study is part of my degree dissertation “TYPO3 as an Open Source 
Content Management System – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and 
Threats” for the Communication Studies Faculty of the Free University of 
Berlin (Freie Universitaet Berlin).



P.S.: Do you have any queries? Please let me know: lipps at kontrollfeld.de

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