[TYPO3-typo3org] how to avoid forum Spam

Christian Zenker typo3 at xopn.de
Wed Apr 29 10:04:14 CEST 2015

> I also think it would make sense to have such a form on typo3.org where
> a few trusted people can approve delete requests of other users.
> However, right now there's no such tool afaik.
> It would be cool to have something like this as a milestone for our next
> team sprint. Who would be interested to join us for working on this?

In fact there already is something like that on [1] (in a private repo,  
Stucki and Phillip should have access. If anyone else is interested let me  
know). I started that after the integration of RabbitMQ together with  
Bastian. Basic approach is to let everyone report spam through a form or a  
link. Fe_users in a certain group are allowed to confirm this. Once it is  
confirmed the message (with user id, user name and email) is written into  
a queue and all other services (like forum, forge, etc) might react on it.

Current status of the project AFAIR:

* reporting and confirming spam does work. The message is written to a  
* Bastian had some quick-and-dirty (bash?) scripts to remove spam from  
databases (not sure which, but I think it was at least forum and forge)
* removing spam from typo3.org (events, comments) is still missing
* no service is attached to the queue

But from what I remember it should be totally feasible to finish this on a  

Best regards

[1] https://github.com/TYPO3-typo3org/t3org_spamremover

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