[TYPO3-typo3org] Deployment typo3.org (2014-08-01)

Christian Zenker typo3 at xopn.de
Fri Aug 1 17:53:25 CEST 2014

Hi everyone.

I’d like to inform you that we did a deployment of typo3.org.

Most of the issues have been worked on during the Code Sprint last weekend.

The most noteable point is probably that we finally got all the parts  
together that we need to mark and display outdated extensions in TER. An  
extension is considered outdated if it does not depend on any of the  
currently supported TYPO3 Versions (4.5, 6.x). These extensions are not  
displayed in the search by default, but there is a checkmark to enable  
searching for them. From a test run we did during the sprint it seems we  
will have about 1.000 Extensions in the TER that are not outdated (out of  
a total of 6.000). I think that is still an impressive number. Please note  
that it might still take a few minutes before all extensions are  
re-indexed by SOLR.

We also went on with cleaning up the installation by removing extensions  
that we think are no longer needed anymore and cleaning up inline  
Typoscript. In case you find anything that looks odd or broken afterwards,  
please let us know in the bugtracker. [1]

After essentially killing the registration process of the Professional  
Service Listing (PSL) because of lack of better knowledge during the last  
sprint, the registration form was reintegrated again. So it is again  
possible to apply as an agency for being listed on typo3.org. The PSL Team  
will take care of updating all the texts and re-enabling the form in the  
next days.

Three security issues regarding the TER and search were fixed.

The Certified Integrators Listing also got some bugfixes. The  
certification end date should now be displayed correctly.

Rendering of HTML content in the RSS Feeds was improved. RSS Feed Readers  
should now display links in texts correctly.

The Flattr button in TER was fixed.

Due to an API Update of the Flickr API in end of June, the Flickr stream  
on the community page was disabled. We updated the API and the images show  
up again.

RabbitMQ got better integrated. Extension uploads, registration of keys  
and the like are now written to the queue, so other projects (like  
documentation rendering) can now listen to it.

Also great progress in getting an official form on typo3.org to report  
spam was made. It will not be publicly available yet, because there is  
still a lot to do. But the basic idea is that everyone can report spam on  
any of the official typo3.org sites caused by a registered user on  
typo3.org. Trusted users can review and confirm these reports. Removal of  
the spam will be automatic in the future, but that is one of the points  
that needs more work at the moment.

You can find a full list (and all the smaller tickets) that we handled in  
our roadmap. [2]

The whole team really felt that the last sprint was a successful one, and  
I think the list above proofs this to be right.
So thanks to everyone who attended the sprint: Ben van 't Ende, Björn  
Jacob, Philipp Gampe, Christian Händel, Kai Ole Hartwig, Rüdiger Marwein,  
Tomas Norre Mikkelsen, Sascha Marcel Schmidt, Christian Zenker.
We are also very grateful to Olivier Dobberkau and Boris Hinzer who kept  
us fed during the days and AOE for opening their office to us.

Until next time

[1] https://forge.typo3.org/projects/team-t3o/issues
[2] https://forge.typo3.org/versions/2753

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