[TYPO3-typo3org] rST rendering for contexts extensions

Christian Weiske christian.weiske at netresearch.de
Mon Jun 10 10:59:10 CEST 2013


We provide rST-based documentation for our extensions contexts[1],
contexts_geolocation[2] and contexts_wurfl[3] - all of them have
an "Documentation/Index.rst" file that renders nicely with the sphinx
extension in the TYPO3 backend.

Now how do we get them to render on docs.typo3.org?

[1] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/contexts
[2] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/contexts_geolocation
[3] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/contexts_wurfl

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Christian Weiske

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