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Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Fri Dec 13 08:55:38 CET 2013

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Dear Gmail users,

are there still any problems or do you think that everything works
fine now?

Thanks for your feedback.

Kind regards

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Steffen Gebert
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On 06/12/13 22:55, Steffen Gebert wrote:
> Hi,
> tl;dr We hope it's better now, but Google Mail users have
> experienced a loss/delay/spam flagging of TYPO3 mailing list mails.
> We're not sure, if we can do anything against that atm.
> We were informed of problems with receiving mailing list emails
> from Google Mail users.
> Issues vary between user and time from - no mails at all - mails
> flagged as spam - delays of some hours - mailman sends bounce
> warnings and wants to unsubscribe users
> The root cause is pretty easy to identify: - we enabled IPv6
> connectivity of the list server (srv102.typo3.org) on Nov. 9th. -
> unfortunately, we forgot to set the reverse host name (PTR record) 
> in DNS - until Nov 24th, no outgoing IPv6 connection succeeded
> (Network unreachable, which is weird a) that it did not work in the
> beginning and b) that it then suddenly worked (and IPv4 fallback
> wasn't used anymore) - since then, Google rejected the emails (at
> least many of them) - we got noticed about that on Nov 30th by
> Stefan Neufeind, after which the PTR record was created - since
> then Gmail started accepting our mails, however we were told about
> the abovementioned issues.
> As the DNS entries can't be cached so long, I think that it might
> be some bad scoring / penalty that Google gave our server.
> We hope that everything is working fine now, otherwise we would try
> to e.g. disable IPv6 again (or change to another address?) or
> whatever one of you would suggest (we're open towards your advice,
> if you've experienced similar trouble or know what to do).
> Yours Steffen
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