[TYPO3-typo3org] [TYPO3-doc] These days a Wiki-Design Rebrush

Daniel Bruessler danielb at typo3.org
Mon Feb 21 11:20:05 CET 2011

Hi Ingmar,

> great move!

> I think it's a great first step if any of your proposed layouts is
> implemented. When we have the final TYPO3.org relaunch design, of course
> it would be excellent to have the wiki in the same layout as well.
> However, I don't mind if you go ahead in the mean time and release
> another layout before.

yes, you can see it as journey, where the first milestone is that what we do now. After the t3o-week in april we can go another step and change things again. That will not be much. I think mostly it's
a feature-thing for example the box "contribution".

> Because for the new main typo3.org layout, I think the plan is to not
> use it in any subsite (like wiki.t3o) before the main site is launched,
> so that would delay your design initiative otherwise.

That's good to know. So we just use the current style guide - and make the mediawiki-skin changeable for the new one.

> Either way, I guess the knowledge about the wiki templating which you
> gain right now will also be helpful when implementing the typo3.org
> relaunch design later on.

yes, indeed!


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