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Daniel Bruessler danielb at typo3.org
Mon Feb 7 11:27:35 CET 2011


the FLOW3-team needs a help system for all developers who use FLOW3 for their applications. When a developer does an error (an exception gets raised), there should be help to fix this error.

The special task is, that everybody should have the possibility to add information about this error and give hints to solve the problem. Sometimes a screenshot will help, so it's not only a text-thing.

The idea is that the error box contains a link "More information" what directs to the wiki. There help is already given and can be commented - or it's a new error and a new wiki page should be created
then, so the user can describe the solution, when it's found.

In the moment this is not automated, the wiki-page has to be created and some meta-info must be added - for example in

So now is the time to optimize this. Some questions: Is the meta-information needed on the wiki-page to solve the error, has the meta-info (package-name, classname) to be generated by parsing the
FLOW3-source (e.g. using CodeSniffer)? Does the position of an exception (in which class, in which function) change from one release to another release? How can the wiki-link be available in TDD
TestDrivenDevelopment/ PHPUnit, when a developer creates a new FLOW3 package? How should a review be possible, so that a FLOW3 core developer can review the solution texts? Are this all questions?
Should these help-texts go into the "exception documentation block" of a FLOW3 exception?

Contribution is welcome.


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