[TYPO3-typo3org] Version matrix to become the new packages page [Was: Version matrix: MySQL 5.1 for TYPO3 >= 4.3]

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Thu Feb 18 00:55:49 CET 2010

Steffen Kamper wrote:
> Hi,
> Gregor Hermens schrieb:
>> Hi Georg,
>> Georg Kuehnberger schrieb:
>>> PS: anyone an idea on howto translate "deprecated" to german? (neigther
>>> "missbilligen" nor "abgeschrieben" matches)
>> "veraltet"?
> "Verfallsdatum abgelaufen" :)
> Statt veraltet würde ich aber strikter sein: "nicht unterstützt" o.ä.
> vg Steffen

Steffen & Gregor,

See, that shows the difference between time-wise version-status (latest 
/ recent / old / "Verfallsdatum") & Update-Services provided  (features 
& Security) kicks in.

Anyhow, I scetched up a preliminary EN>DE translation, including your 
input, with some "german-speaking-client-ification" aka "non-techies 
will understand", too.
(please refrain from commenting on design /layout - we are talking about 
facts & working).

Feel free to copy/paste/improove and publish wherever, as long as you 
post the link here.

Thanks, regards georg

PS: as for "Verfallsdatum abgelaufen" BE- or Core-EXT (IMHO) which would 
tell the User "Verfallsdatum abgelaufen", would be a great thing; (not 
really new idea - other Frameworks/Apps do this easily via RSS-Feeds 
being consumed and updated on every Login) pushing Update- and 
Security-Information right into the face of the logged in BE-User.

PPS: Given such a TYPO3-Release-Version-Feed, you might simply use 
GIFBUILDER to synamically update the the t3.org startpage 
"Just-Released" Image http://typo3.org/uploads/pics/t3o_43.png with date 
and version-number.

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