[TYPO3-typo3org] Version matrix to become the new packages page [Was: Version matrix: MySQL 5.1 for TYPO3 >= 4.3]

Francois Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Mon Feb 15 21:41:00 CET 2010

Hi all,

> Any opinions?

Following the recent comments, I have modified the draft version:


What has changed in this version:

- the links to download the dummy are back
- the row with download links to packages has been moved as the last one 
in the table, which gives more prominence (and places it just above the 
explanations about the various packages)
- the text link to the installation instructions has been changed to 
just "Instructions", which seems enough and makes it fit on a single 
line as opposed to 2. There was a proposal to have a single link (since 
it's always the same, but AFAIK it's not possible to do colspans in a 
table CE).

I would like to collect more approvals before publishing that.



Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch

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